Dark Archive Guild Information

LAST REVISED: 09/23/2019


  • Founded: August 25th, 2009
  • Guildmaster: Jason Firewalker
  • Co-Guildmasters: Kat Five Knives, John Foulroberts
  • Guild Server: Bequermo
  • Motto: "From the fire we are born stronger."
  • Guild Colors: Black and red
  • Guild Flag: (click to enlarge)


Dark Archive has a guild Discord that is available to our members. There are two basic requirements to fulfill before a member may be granted access to it:

  • Minimum cumulative time spent in the guild must total 2 weeks.
  • The member must be registered on the guild site (free).

After those two conditions are met, a First Class Officer or above will distribute an invite link to the member via PM on the guild site, should the member express interest in joining the server.

Our Discord server reflects all of our rules and policies stated on our official rules page and is monitored by our Officers.

Joining the Discord server is by no means a requirement for our members, however it is required to participate in Veteran and Officer duty should the member desire to pursue a higher position within the guild.



Members are nominated for officership at an Officer Meeting. In order to qualify to become an officer, the following requirements must be met:

  • Minimum cumulative time spent in guild must total 3 months.
  • Demonstration of leadership
  • Demonstration of adept social skills
  • Demonstration of a willingness to help others
  • Knowledge and respect for the Guild Rules
  • Be registered on the guild site (free)
  • Be willing to download and use Discord in order to participate in Officer duties.
  • After promotion, officers must be willing to contribute to and use our database program.



After nomination and approval from the other Officers, a 1 month training period will commence (until the next Officer meeting). During this time, the Officer in training (“Petty Officer”) will be promoted to Veteran status and will be expected to lead invasions, admit new members (accompanied by an Officer), and answer questions asked by other Officers concerning rules and their enforcement. The Petty Officer will also be appointed a mentor who will be primarily responsible for tracking the Petty Officer’s training progress and presenting the Petty Officer’s progress at the next Officer meeting.

The Petty Officer will also need to be registered on the guild site as well as a member of the Discord server.

At the next Officer meeting, if a majority vote is in the Petty Officer’s favor, he/she will be promoted to full Officer status, followed by more training.


Have questions about the guild or want to report an issue to us? Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. It is our goal to reflect positivity in the community and within the game and we will strive to correct any issues as they arise with our members.